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Rock On! Sun 31st July '05, posted by UnrealHalibut

The Halibuts go from strength to strength!

Halibut Night 4: Winchester was successfully completed with a record 15 attendees. Nobody was seriously injured (an improvement over Leeds ) but we did find a dodgy pub (Pork's choice...).

350+ guild members (admittedly many are alts) makes us one of the larger guilds on the server. Only people ranked Lord Fishy or above can invite new members - get in touch if you want an invite/promotion.

Old school

The Halibut Mission Statement, from the mighty ChufGreb (Halibutosis):

"Like the mighty halibut of justice swimming upstream against the river of evil to the spawning grounds of righteousness. Fear the fish, gentlemen. We are crossing the pond."

Halibuts IRC
You can find the Halibuts on The more the merrier (and probably the more perverted). Warning this is for over 18s only